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What's cooler than kicking it in hot weather with some swords, sandstorms, supersuits, archery, voodoo and mind games? Doing all that with Scarlett Johansson and Bradley Cooper, that's what.

It's the season for kicking butt and blowing stuff up, so get a grip on all the loudest, fastest flicks in our new Summer Movie Guide: Action! gallery.

Maybe you've heard about this Iron Man 2 thing? That's only the beginning: Russell Crowe tears up Sherwood Forest in Robin Hood, Leonardo DiCaprio brings some sci-fi trippiness with Inception, and Angelina Jolie gets all spy-thrillery in Salt. Oh, and Bradley and Jake Gyllenhaal take their shirts off for The A-Team and Prince of Persia, respectively.

Check out the gallery and tell us: What are you psyched to see?

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Get all the swords & supers in our Summer Movie Guide: Action!

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