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Life Unexpected Finale Shocker: a Wedding, a Birth and a Funeral?!

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Damn you, Kris Polaha! Foiled again.

Leave it to Life Unexpected's resident stud to give us what might just be the best finale tease ever: "In the finale, somebody dies, somebody is born. Seriously, someone does die and someone is born, and one era ends as a new era begins," only to find out it was all a sham!

For the whole story, we turn to LUX's bride-to-be Shiri Appleby, who sets us straight on what's really going down in the season ender and who provided us with some exclusive behind-the-scenes photos from that maybe wedding. (How pretty does she look?!)

"A birth? Hmmm, I shot the whole thing and was there every day…" is the amused reaction we get from Shiri when we spill Kris' tease. "There's definitely love, and there's definitely angst," she said. "And there's a lot of people getting drunk!"

Let's go back to the beginning. It's important to note that Kris may not have been all together teasing. In fact, that delicious piece of man candy may have been saying more than we imagine. Let's break it down:

A Birth: If we take Kris at face value, this seems absurd. But after last week's eye-opening, life-altering, road-tripping LUX, we think we know what he means: Lux is reborn as an official member of the family.

"Lux is back living with Cate, and their relationship has taken a few steps forward. Every step forward, they say you take two steps back, so there will be more of that. But the idea of the family dynamic is more settled when [Baze and Cate] officially adopt her at the end of the season," says Shiri. OMG! That's an awww-worthy moment if we've ever heard one.

A Wedding: Boys and girls, there will be a wedding in the LUX finale! And no, the fabulous cast wouldn't confirm that Cate does in fact become a missus, but we do know that the time-honored tradition of donning a wedding gown does in fact happen.

"Cate's fitted for a dress. I don't know if she's going to walk the aisle," says Shiri. "There's definitely things on the table, like which guy to choose, what does it mean to have feelings for more than one person, does that mean you shouldn't marry somebody? What does it mean to get married? [And] it's really important to know that Lux is on her side."

Which, luckily, she is! "Lux and Ryan's relationship has really grown, [and] she admits to him that she's really glad they're going to get married," Britt Robertson (Lux) tells us. "Ultimately, Lux will be supportive either way."

As for whether or not you're going to need to rewind that DVR to rewatch any last-minute wedding objections, don't hold your breath. "Baze's whole storyline in the finale is with dad," Kris tells us. "I'm not even a part of the Cate storyline." Boo! Oh well, like we said in this week's Spoiler Chat, we can't choose between Team Baze or Team Ryan, so Team Math it is.

A New Era: Cate's dad may have broken her heart last week, but Baze and his pops are on the mend—thus, a new era begins. "What you see is a resolution of the conflict that started in episode three," says Kris.

Another new era? Cate realizing she actually has feelings for Baze who actually has feelings for her. (Man, she should seriously not be tying the knot in this emotional state!) "Baze definitely realizes he has feelings for Cate. I'm just put in a very tough predicament of having two really hot guys fight over me," Shiri laughs. "Why do you think she's rushing the wedding?"

A Death?! No idea what to do with this one, so we're gonna chalk it up to a good-ol' fashioned joke or some sort of symbolic death. Either way, well played, Kris Polaha, well played.

Luckily for you guys, we have some behind-the-scenes peeks at what goes down on the finale, including what looks to be a very clear indicator that Cate does dance walk down the aisle, daughter in tow:

Life Unexpected CW
Life Unexpected CW
Life Unexpected CW

One thing to look out for: Austin Basis' (Math) real-life parents and girlfriend in the rehearsal dinner scene. Explains Austin: "At Math's table, at the rehearsal dinner, are my girlfriend, my brother and my parents, sitting around me while I do this ridiculous imitation of Paula Abdul's 'Opposites Attract' with the MC Skat Cat dance." Amazing!


And there you have it. Loads of LUX finale scoop all for you. Are you as excited as we are to see how things wrap up? Will Cate pick Ryan or Baze? Have you voted to save Life Unexpected yet?! Don't miss Monday night's finale at 8 p.m. on The CW.


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