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Tiger Woods didn't just drive his wife's heart into the rough.

Two of the bevy of ladies who identified themselves as members of Tiger's petting zoo when it was very de rigueur to do so say that the golfer hurt them terribly—and they're still hurting to this day.

"It still hurts every time some girl comes out and claims that they had this relationship that I had," Tool Academy alumna Jaimee Grubbs, the first woman to come out and say she had an affair with Woods, said in a recent sit-down with E! News.

"He hasn't even tried to call me to explain that or to see how I'm feeling," Grubbs said. "It was kind of like, 'You're not the main person in my life. You know you're not the one that I care about the most to, you know, risk things with.'

"And so that was kind of my first truthful moment where I just realized, 'This is done. I need to get out of this.'"

Yeah, apparently Woods wasn't really one for "truthful moments."

Jamie Jungers also identifies herself as collateral damage from Woods' extramarital bed-hopping.

She, too, actually managed to fall in love with the Sports Illustrated cover boy, she said.

"I mean, when you love somebody or fall in love with somebody, they're always going to be somewhere in your heart," Jungers said, "especially when I hear people bashing him and saying the things they do. Even though he did me wrong, to hear all the hurtful things, it tears me up inside. But yeah, I do still have a place in my heart for him. I always will, but I could never trust him again."

Jungers said that she even once entertained the idea that Woods would leave his wife for her.

"The more I was with him, the more I fell in love with him," she said. "In the back of my mind and in my heart, I did hope that he would, but I never really realistically thought that it would happen, with me being so young. And thinking about it now, I probably definitely wanted him to leave his wife."

Woods even had a nickname for her, she said—"his little coffee cup."

"I really don't know [where it came from]," she said. "One day he was calling me, he said, 'How's my little coffee cup?' I just kind of laughed. I actually thought it was cute, we had personal things together, as in a relationship. We had nicknames."


And in related news, Woods showed up alone—except for his usual golf-related entourage of trainer, caddie, et al.—this week in Augusta, Ga., where his comeback tournament of choice, the illustrious Masters, tees off Thursday.

Woods held a brief press conference this morning, where he confirmed that his wife would not be in the gallery this week.

That, apparently, was not enough information for some people.

Working on behalf of yet another alleged Tiger mistress, sext-happy porn actress Joslyn James, attorney Gloria Allred told reporters today that, aside from his wife, Woods owes apologies to all the women he's supposedly wronged.

"Noticeably absent from Tiger's press conference  was any apology for the lies that he told to Joslyn James, with whom he had a three-year romantic relationship," Allred said, "and any apology to Maureen Decker, his kindergarten teacher, who he accused of not doing much of anything after he alleged that he was violently racially attacked on his first day of kindergarten."

Steps 8 and 9 of the usual 12-step recovery program for addicts involve making direct amends to the people he's hurt, so Woods does not seem to be rehabilitated, Allred said.

"He is not truthful, not honest and he should be repairing relationships," James said. "He was not sincere. He's a big, fat liar and we deserve the truth."


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