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Anna Paquin

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Although Anna Paquin may not be Nelly Fang (or any vamp-Vice, for that matter), we have yet to give the babe props for speaking out in the PSA for Cyndi Lauper's True Colors Fund. The fund fights for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender equality, and the soon to be Mrs. Stephen Moyer revealed she is, in fact, bisexual.

We think a certain someone needs to play close attention to Anna's carefree declaration...

Like Nelly himself and Terry Tush-Trade.

This vampire stud and studette duo could do wonders for the LGBT community if they let their true colors shine, too.

But why Nelly and Terry instead of, say, other Blind Vice faves like Toothy Tile or Nevis Devine?

Don't get us wrong—at this point, we stand behind anyone who would speak openly and proudly about his or her true sexuality, but Nelly and Terry especially have two different fan followings that would so benefit having role models like these stud-muffins to look up to.

Sure, it may be slightly easier in society today for gals to fess up to swinging both ways (no idea why, but Joan Jett and Kristen Stewart agree to that too), but we're just glad we have a new celeb who isn't ashamed to put her sexy face behind a good cause.

Bravo, Anna, for speaking up and out! Not only is it an important subject, but the way she did it by first talking about it on this PSA for the Give a Damn campaign instead of selling it to a tabloid to promote True Blood really makes us heart this babe even more. Didn't know it was possible!

And isn't it damn sweet Anna didn't wait until she had a whole den's worth of Emmys to go along with her Oscar before saying so? Nice.


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