Sam Worthington, Luke Evans

Warner Bros. Entertainment; Dave Hogan/Getty Images

Clash of the Titans is a certified hit, but making it was no toga party.

"The gods are not like the gods you expect," says Luke Evans, who plays Apollo in the 3-D remake of the 1981 film of the same name. "There's not a toga in sight."

Instead, Sam Worthington and company wore custom-fitted armor. And not just any armor…

"It was 22-karat gold!" Evans says. "It wasn't too bad. It was heavyish, but after you've worn it 17 hours, you do start to ache."

Evans said they made casts of everyone's bodies for the costumes. "They had to cast my head as well," he said. "It was very weird to have your whole body, including your whole head, covered. It's very claustrophobic. It solidifies while it's on you and then they have to cut it off."

How anatomically detailed was it? "I had a tiny little pair of pants on," he said, laughing. "They also covered all the hairy bits in Nivea cream so it wouldn't stick."

No word on whether he'll have to go through this all again for his next role. Evans recently signed on to play—we kid you not—Zeus, opposite Twilighter Kellan Lutz in War of the Gods.


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