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Damages: Critically loved but only "meh" in the ratings, Damages is in serious trouble. FX has reportedly not renewed the FX series for a fourth season. At least, not if they have to pay for it themselves. Our sources just confirmed that Sony is in talks to partner with DirecTV's 101 Network, and that deal would lead to the same type of situation FNL has, meaning the fourth season would air first on the 101 Network, and then on FX later. We do love DirecTV for saving Friday Night Lights, so we can only hope that Damages is kept afloat for another season. We reached out to FX reps for comment, and here's what we got: "We have not made any announcements concerning Damages season 4."

Never fret, our pets. There isn't all bad news in TV land. Check out the new promos, scoops, and sneak peeks for Vampire Diaries, True Blood and more... 

True Blood: Real men have hair. Check out the first look of werewolf Alcide! While people have been mostly referencing Joe Manganiello's role on One Tree Hill, we also remember him as the most dedicated groomsmen at the Erikson wedding and Marshall's onetime bromance partner on How I Met Your Mother. Also, this situation.

And don't forget this new teaser featuring Tara about to get snacked on!

Vampire Diaries: In other fangtastic rim-shot scoop, the buzz is that while Melinda Clarke will be making her exit on the April 15 episode, she may be back as Kelly Donovan next season. Which would be awesome. And the reason for her exit involves Caroline making a discovery.

Bones: We know, you want more info on the 100th episode of Bones. Who doesn't? Besides people hugging themselves oh-so-tightly as they prepare for the end of Lost. Well, anyway, here are some sneak peeks of that episode for you.

Big Bang Theory: Live long and prosper. No problem for Big Bang Theory, as it's been reported that the syndication deal for the CBS geektastic show may be one of the biggest…until 2013. Because that's when Modern Family is up for grabs. Phil is already on his iPad making an evite for a syndication party.

Eureka: Geekgasm! BBT fave Wil Wheaton is guesting on the July 23 ep as the "brilliant Dr. Isaac Parrish." The Syfy hit series makes its fourth-season return Friday, July 9.

Legend of the Seeker: Spoilers aplenty for you Seeker fans courtesy of Sci Fi magazine and SpoilerTV.com. You are welcome.

Wondering where the &*(@#$ your Save One Show update is, as promised for today? Well, we have some serious Gremlins infiltrating our site's inner workings right now. Stand by and we'll have it to you as soon as humanly possible. In the meantime, if you see a furry friend, keep it out of water. Thanks.


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