Have you seen the latest footage from the upcoming season of Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood?!

Well, Tori Spelling wants to make sure you do.

Sure, she's acting all aghast that the media is twisting the clips to mean that she and hubby Dean McDermott are heading for a split. But, really, what else is going to make you tune in to the fifth season of her show, premiering tonight on Oxygen at 10 p.m.?

The tape shows the two arguing and one of their kids asking, "Where's Daddy?" Awww.

But obviously their marriage is just like anyone else's and arguments happen, Tori insists on the Today show this morning.

"We're just like any other couple—we have fights, we have our ups and downs. It's a real relationship," she says. "Some issues have come up this season and the cameras were there to catch it."

She even admits she's "happy" to put the drama out there and could have cut it if she wanted. But what's the fun in that? Drama equates to ratings, duh!

For anyone still wondering, Tori and Dean are doing just fine.

"We're not headed for divorce," she promises. "We're committed to each other. We're committed to this family."

Oh, phew!


We're so relieved (yeah, that's sarcasm) not to have to add Tori and Dean to our Big Celebrity Splits gallery!

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