Didi Benami, American Idol

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Last night, while the judges huddled and America held its breath, Didi Benami herself was in a whole other place. "Ultimately, I felt like I was going home," she admits. "I was in a head space where I was OK either way."

The eliminated songbird, however, was not OK with Kara DioGuardi and the other judges' criticisms...

"I don't feel like I lost my way," Didi told reporters today. That was the most popular phrase among the judges, especially Kara, every time Didi stepped away from the mic. And the bubbly eliminee has her own theories about that.

"I feel like they wanted me to do something specific every week," the Knoxville, Tenn., native argued. "I was just showing a different side to myself. It probably wasn't a side they wanted to see, but I have them."

Quickly removing her teeth from the hands that feed her (she is guaranteed a spot on the American Idol tour this summer, after all), Didi said, "I appreciate Kara. I think they were all trying to be really helpful." Well, as helpful as Simon Cowell's chest-baring shirts can be, we guess. Didi confessed she wasn't expecting all the scrutiny, since she was "not an avid American Idol watcher" before being on the show. We forgive her. Idol is kind of an up-and-coming show. We think it might take off, don't you?

Didi also claims she is "bummed" to miss Beatles week, and she was deciding between "Black Bird" and "Across the Universe" as her song choice. Alas, we shall never know what would have been.

And she's OK with that. "It's a valuable experience, and I learned a lot. But I can't wait to sleep! I'm exhausted," laughed Didi, albeit a little deliriously.

Clearly, her fellow contestants are sad to see her go, and Didi gushed about how close they've all become (especially her, Crystal and Siobhan). "[Crystal] came down and stayed with me last night," she said. "They are really amazing, wonderful people."

Didi will be on Late Night With David Letterman next week ("I think"), and as for her future career, she plans for lots of "Didi music!" Meanwhile, she thanks the fans for their support. "It makes a world of difference to me. My life has changed so much."

What say you, Idol watchers? Did you think the judges should have saved her? Or did the right person go home? Sound off in comments!


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