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Family squabbles definitely belong on Twitter, don't you think?

If you thought Lindsay Lohan's tweets from early this morning were fabulously nasty, get a load of dear old dad's text message response she felt the need to share.

"My father just sent me this as I was leaving my gym: 'I told you to stop Linds this is the last time and take down the tweet about me HURTING MOM. U will be getting a call from SOMEBODY today to end you,'" she writes, referring to him earlier as her "ex-father."

Not surprisingly, Michael Lohan was none too pleased.

"I never ever said that. I have it on my text (it is date and time stamped)! what is wrong with U?OOOPS!I already l know that," he snaps in a direct tweet. That's not all...

"Yes I said take down the lies and U are getting a call (from ur Uncle) but never ever said 'end' to anything excpt ur problem," he continues. "YOU R TWISTING THINGS JUST LIKE THE MEDIA DOES. THE VERY PEOPLE U CRITICIZE."

It gets worse.

"Done with ur&the other nonesense.Time to focus on what I have to," he says. "Take care of yourself until I can! Love you and God Bless you."

Of course, the elder Lohan wasn't done talking.

He said in an interview with E! News today that he's been reduced to tweeting and texting with his daughter in order to get his point across.

"I'm not going to sit back and watch my daughter die or fall victim to something that so many other kids did," Lohan said.

He said that Lindsay has told him she's taking prescription meds for depression and attention-deficit disorder.

"She's going to a rehab, there's no doubt," says Lohan. "My daughter's going to a rehab and she's going to get better. Doesn't matter how many times you go, but it has to be done the right way.

"I want her to be willing to do it on her own, and it seems that she's living in denial. She thinks it's OK and everyone says she's fine. But is she fine? Is Lindsay Lohan fine? Tell me I'm wrong and then I'll stop."

Lohan also denied ever physically abusing any member of his family.

"No, there was no physical abuse," he said. "I mean when there's yelling, I tried to shelter my kids from any arguments my wife and I had. Dina unfortunately got the kids involved in the things we did in our life, the arguments that we had, and she still does it today. She uses my kids as pawns."

Not that he and Dina aren't on the same page about one thing, he added, then proceeded to play a voicemail recording for E! News, on which Dina is apparently heard expressing her concern for their daughter.

"I'm telling you, Michael, time's running out with this kid; I know it, I'm a mother, I feel it," Dina apparently said. "And she needs to get to a psychiatrist's office today. Even if she just talks about anything. Just so she feels like she's helping herself."

Lohan said he didn't want to drag other people into this feud.

"I don't want to say anything about her assistants and the people around her, but I think they're turning a blind eye and that's enabling," Lohan alleges.

"First," he added, "I thought it was Lindsay, but now it happens to be the people around her that I'm trying to get out of her life."

Commenting on what appeared to be a drastic change in behavior and appearance on Lindsay's part, Lohan said: "She went from such a vibrant, wonderful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, caring, loving and inspirational woman to the exact opposite."


Forget the Lohan melodrama for a moment and let Justin Bieber brighten your April Fools' Day!

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