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    Did Sandra Know About Jesse All Along?

    Sandra Bullock, George Lopez Paul Drinkwater/NBCU Photo Bank via AP Images

    The Sandra Bullock-Jesse James relationship meltdown keeps getting worse! Tiger Woods déjà vu, anyone?

    Gloria Allred? Check. More alleged mistresses coming forward claiming sexual affairs with James? Double check. And Sandra, just like Elin, is now flying super under the radar.

    Sad, sad stuff.

    And to make matters worse, there's more unpleasant scuttlebutt going around Hollywood that won't exactly be settling to the Best Actress...

    There's buzz from some folks who have worked with Sandra on several occasions (including her Academy Award-winning Blind Side) that Sandra caught wind of J.J.'s disgusting behavior pre-Oscars, and sometime during awards season.

    "She had to have at least suspected, if not known," bitched one source.

    Let's hope Jesse's psycho ex-wife, Janine Lindemulder, isn't behind this gem of a rumor, too.

    Minor talk around Tinseltown is that Bullock found out about Jesse's supposed affairs and agreed to figure it out after her red-carpet moments had passed.

    That doesn't all add up to us or those close to Sandy.

    "I know [Sandra]," says an über-close colleague who has also heard these supposed rumors. "She is far from a phony. No way she'd cry and thank her man if she knew he would hurt her."

    Our thoughts exactly.

    Sandy clearly is a good actress, but we don't think she's that good. Doubtful she would be thanking her Cheaty McCheat hubby in public if she knew all of this was going to come out seconds later. Bullock wouldn't need the sympathy votes, she'd have 'em no matter what.

    What we are pissed about for S.B. is that her man-slut ruined her golden moment. Literally.

    In what should be the happiest time of her life (she just friggin' received the highest honor there is for an actress), she's instead met with crazy paparazzi and media attention for all the wrong things. That, we think, is totally unforgivable on J.J. and "Bombshell" McGee's part.

    Sandra told The Insider back in January that if she were Elin Woods she would have "kept hitting" the crap out of Tiger with everything possible.

    We think Jesse deserves a worse punishment than what should it be?


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