Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato

Dear Ted:
Selena Gomez
and Demi Lovato are no longer BFFs, according to Demi in a Q&A session with her fans, via Twitter. What happened?

Dear So Dunzo:
Maybe Selena got as annoyed as us hearing Demi gush about Joe Jonas all the time and finally kicked her to the curb. Or maybe, like most Disney BFFships, their fight for top darling (now that Miley is trying to ditch her mouse ears) got between the previously tight twosome. We hear the former more than the latter.

Dear Ted:
OK, so what's up with Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift going to lunch together with their publicist—and not to mention the day after she hangs with Cory! Please tell me they were just talking about an upcoming project!

Dear Lunch Date:
Ugh, please tell me they're not dishing on an upcoming project. I don't know what would be worse—T.L. joining T.S. in a duet for the Breaking Dawn soundtrack or an über-awkward sequel to Valentine's Day. Seems the duo were just catching up—no need to worry about a T2 reconciliation. At all.

Dear Ted:
My neighbor and I trap feral cats in our neighborhood (we rerelease the adults after neutering them and take the kittens to a no-kill shelter). I also have three rescued cats. Can you expose Sandra Bullock's B.V.?

Dear Nice Try:
Not now. It's hideous for Bullock while the world waits to see if she dumps Scumbucket or not. That, coupled with getting cheated on by Scum's myriad flings is enough torture for Sandy, for the moment, don't you agree?

Dear Ted:
You have padded my vocab for over a decade. I minted this term in an attempt to impress and repay you for all the slang I stole over the years. Sexlet "sex + starlet." Woman who achieves or seeks fame and fortune through affairs with celebrity usually adulterous and scandalous. Not too harsh but makes the point. Yours free and clear with my compliments and gratitude.

Dear Webster:
Love the word, babe, but feel it works better on chicks like Megan Fox, who are starlets in their own right but who are definitely working the sex angle to their advantage. Who wants to think of the likes of skanky "Bombshell" McGee as a starlet? Basic ordinary fame whore works better for her, right?

Dear Ted:
Was reading the paper, mulling over Senator Roy Ashburn who has publicly opposed gay rights and followed up that spectacle by being picked up on a DWI leaving a gay night club. Thinking of hypocrites got me to wondering, has Sarah Palin ever been a Blind Vice star or guest-star?

Day Politically Incorrect:
If we've learned one thing from all these skanky politicians who put themselves on pedestals it's that the people who advocate against something the most usually have the dirtiest skeletons in their closet—Palin being no exception.

Dear Ted:
I'm starting to hate your blog now. I used to come here hoping to read some great news about Rob but all I read now is you bashing him. Just leave him alone and don't talk about the guy. He has so much pressure on his shoulders to carry films, impress critics, make all his fans happy, and get everything right. I don't think I've seen so much pressure on an actor before. You aren't helping, either.

Dear Oversensitive:
Boo hoo, so I said the dude's movie bombed—which it did—how does that make me the leader of the anti-Rob parade? Pretty sure I didn't blame him for the dud (I did say his acting was solid, didn't I?) and I've been a huge supporter of Robsten. So where is all this crap I'm supposedly giving him? Doesn't exist.

Dear Ted:
Considering how none of the Disney stars have ever been allowed to publicly confirm relationships before, I find it a little odd how Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato are now gushing about each other in various is it for real, or Disney publicity?

Dear Disney Dud:
You're not the only one who finds it a bit odd. But when has Disney not wanted their kids toat least appearto be canoodling offset? Maybe Mickey Mouse has been feeling the need to be more aggressive with his tween daydream relayshs now that they're not getting as much attention as per Miley days.

Dear Ted:
It is time for Jen Aniston to pack her margarita blender up and head to the nursing home. The new preview of The Switch, made me quickly switch to another movie preview. I guarantee Miley Cyrus' new romantic movie will beat the box office weekend of The Bounty Hunter. Her PR stunts are a snore. What do you think?

Dear Over The Hill:
Can't argue that J.A.'s latest flick may lose to Miles—but, then again, Miley has hoards of tween fans who will see anything, and I mean anything, that the Disney dame stars in. But don't count Jen out yet. She's hardly losing it at the box office.

Dear Ted:
Alas, I have no dogs nor cats that I've been saving lately and I also don't want to lie and say that I saved any. Too honest, that's me. But maybe I can collect some points with my everlasting love for my soon-to-be 15-year-old cat, Mira? So, this is my question about Baby Tile: Has there ever been a kid growing up in the same circumstances as his before in H'wood? (I guess the answer is 'duh' for the rest of the world, as anything goes, but I was asking specifically about H'wood.) Or is he being raised somewhere else? (Would be saner, too.) Lots o' love from Germany.

Dear H'wood Happenings:
If you say anything goes for the rest of the normal world, then anything and everything goes for Hollywood. H'wood is like the regular world amped up on sex and weirdness. Answer's yes.

Dear Ted:
It's so true when you say "Robert Pattinson + Kristen Stewart together = box-office gold. No matter what." They are together but so discreet that they don't show any PDA at all. This makes us fans love seeing them together onscreen. At least they can openly show love there for us fans to be happy about. Can't help loving Robsten!

Dear Sneak Peak:
And that is why Rob and Kristen—as well as Summit, of course—have no problem keeping their real-life relaysh on the D.L. Always leave 'em wanting more, right? Well it's definitely working with the Twi flicks.

Dear Ted:
Please can you answer a question for my new mummy who gives me lots of cuddles and walkies...she is a big TC fan. Now that Dashed Dingle-Dream is no longer nookie active with his ex is he trying to go straight with his lady? Or is he able to get up in the morning with a little help from a new lesser known buddy?
—Liberty Bell

Dear Discarded DDD:
, just because his super hunk boy left him in the dust does not mean that 3D will be switching to women anytime soon—at least not behind closed doors. There's are plenty of other D.L. dudes he can get nasty with while Judas is fawning over his fauxmance. And, remember, Judas always comes knocking.

Dear Ted:
Ted, sorry but your gingerbread manner of speaking drives this reader nuts. Riddle me this after that last ambiguous Toothy spill: Are Toothy and Grey Goose headed for divorce court?
—Concerned in Kansas

Dear Call Off The Lawyers:
No. Just have a lot of tensions to sort through right now. Both dudes don't exactly have the best career outlooks at the moment.

Dear Ted:
What's up with your newfound hate for Robert Pattinson and kissing up to Kristen Stewart? You said you would call out Kristen if her movie flopped (and please don't justify the numbers by saying it was limited release). You are on the verge of losing me as a reader, Ted, and perhaps others if you don't get back to your former snarky but always fair self. Stop it already!

Dear Compare and Contrast:
I wouldn't say The Runaways was a smash hit, but for how few theatres it was released in, can't say that it did horribly. By box office standards, the flick performed solidly. The true test will be once it gets a wide release—and with the positive buzz it's been getting, I think it'll definitely fair better in the long run than R.M.

I do not hate Robert. I love, love, love Robert. And I'm done saying this!


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