Corey Haim wanted to sing.

As we told you earlier this week, Haim had tried to sell a reality show about a year before his death that would have chronicled his attempts to get sober while pursuing a new career in music.

In exclusive footage from the project given to us by Haim's producing partner, Jim Katz, the late actor is shown working on a single called "Mend Me" with musician Gerard "G Tom Mac" McMahon...

"Only I can mend me," Haim sings. "Only I can turn this shattered soul into a possibility/ You don't have to defend me/ This time I own up to myself/ This is my responsibility."

McMahon tells us that he hopes to release the song some day with proceeds benefiting people battling substance abuse.

"I had taken it upon myself to help Corey seek recovery," said McMahon, who first met Haim when he worked on music for The Lost Boys. "I wrote a song and said to him, ‘Why don't you try and write some lyrics with me, as I know music creativity to be a brilliant way of therapy.'"

The reality project, called Lost Boy Found, stalled after they were unable to sell it to a television or cable network.

"The positive outcome of sharing this with Corey was seeing how full of bliss he was from getting to be a part of the creative musical process," McMahon said. "I could actually sincerely see that music opened him up to a better place."


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