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    Would You Do...the Man Under This Smiling Mask?

    Russell Crowe Carlos Costas,

    Color us all sorts of shades of shocked! Yesterday's Joe Schmoe Would-You-Do? guessing game had one of our more fun and positive comment sections in eons. We loved it, so let's try this again with somebody whose behavior is pretty shocking, too!

    This onetime stud is slightly more recognizable, but there's one thing that threw us off when putting a name to his face.

    Did it trip you up, too?

    Why, it's the notoriously grumpy, phone-tossin', paparazzi-hatin', punch-throwin' Russell Crowe, walking back to his car in Double Bay, Sydney—and he's smiling. What?!

    A most pleasant-looking Crowe is attempting to make his big-screen comeback in Robin Hood, out in May, so maybe he's practicing that whole fake-it-'til-you-make-it thing as he's forced to gear up for a worldwide press tour? 'Cause, let's face it, we've never seen this temperamental dude flash his pearly whites for the paps. Not since he was last campaigning for an Oscar, at least.

    Mr. C. has been flying slightly under the radar, temper-wise, but he made headlines last year when he was rumored to be too chubby for Sienna Miller's taste on the Hood set. Literally, you know how when you go to google something and now it predicts what you're going to type? "Russell Crowe fat Robin Hood" is one that pops up. Tragic!

    Plumpness aside, can't say we mind a happier-looking Crowe. But is that good enough? Would you do R.C. simply with a 'tude change?

    Must admit, suddenly Russ's legs look like they're getting back to their original sturdy sexiness—and less like some tree trunks that got hauled in on a boat from Australia.


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