Matt Damon, Green Zone, Emilie de Ravin, Robert Pattinson, Remember Me, Jay Baruchel, Alice Eve, She's Out of My League, Anne Hathaway, Alice in Wonderland

Jasin Boland/Universal Studios; Summit Entertainment; Darren Michaels/Paramount Pictures; Disney

Oscars are over, so what does the movie world have to offer this weekend, you ask?

Well, you've got the new Iraq war flick Green Zone, starring Matt Damon. There's this She's Out of My League with Jay Baruchel for maybe some laughs. And finally, for the sappy hopeless romantics out there, Remember Me with Emilie De Ravin and some guy named Robert Pattinson.

Oh, and there's still time to catch up with Johnny Depp and Alice in Wonderland, which owned the box office on its opening weekend.

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Movie Poll! March 11, 2010
What are you most dying to see?


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