Looking at the new Tron: Legacy is like a real-life version of Back to the Future.

You have a vision conceived in 1982, but a hot starlet (Olivia Wilde) who wasn't conceived until one year later. You have funky black light-ready costumes but awesome 3-D technology. You've got a virtual Hollywood newbie in Garrett Hedlund and a Hollywood legacy and newly crowned Oscar winner in Jeff Bridges.

For the most part, the contradictions should end there.

This Tron still appears to be a fan-geek free-for-all, packed with action and even disc battles. And, of course, Wilde's costume is nice and formfitting. Schwing!

We'll be able to see the whole thing in theaters Dec. 17, 2010.

Are you pumped, or was Avatar about as much 3-D action as you can stand?


Did you see the new Iron Man 2 trailer?!

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