Sidney Hicks, Monique

Rick Rowell/ABC

The fairly ho-hum 2O1O Oscars stunningly came to life tonight in Hollywood when breath of fresh sass Mo'nique strutted ferociously backstage. Curves aglitter and Oscar in hand, the Best Supporting Actress winner was ready to rule.

Included in the Precious actress' edicts was what happens when you don't eat in Hollywood:

I asked the utterly outspoken Ms. M: What would happen if more actors followed her lead and perhaps had more natural figures and didn't shave their legs, as Mo'Nique told Barbara Walters she does not.

"They'd win Oscars," the royal-blue-gowned gal said in complete seriousness. Oh, she laughed as she answered the question, but Mo'Nique's steely, beautifully made up eyes couldn't have been more clear: Don't sell your soul to the anorexic devils of Hollywood.

Jeez, is anybody listening to this trailblazer already?

I fear not.


Stick-thin or not, these Hollywood luminaries sure look fashionable. See for yourself in our Fashion Police gallery, Oscars edition.

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