Elisabetta Canalis, George Clooney

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

George Clooney, all cute at the Oscars with shaggy hair and sparkly GF (for the moment), was hiding a secret on the red carpet. And no, it wasn't a wedding ring, dream on!

Instead, still über-hunky Mr. C. was hauling around a different kind of silver accoutrement...

It was a flask!

Handsome Georgie was reaching out to kiss this foxy femme and that gorgeous star, right and left, and after he cheek-smooched one particularly buxom babe, George made his confession:

"To show you why I mean it," Clooney offered the perfectly delighted gal he'd just kiss-kissed, the Oscar-winning dude opened his tux jacket. And there, gleaming and looking awfully deliciously discreet, was a silver flask.

Who knew this was G.C.'s lady-killing secret weapon? Surely he doesn't need liquid courage to charm all those Hollywood beauties?

Nah. Sure it's just to help him enjoy the moment even more, not to attain it.



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