Lindsay Lohan

Purple Magazine

When we first saw the Purple magazine cover of Lindsay Lohan posing like a fashionable Jesus, what shocked us most was that she had all her clothes on. But now that more photos from the Terry Richardson shoot have surfaced online, it seems as though we spoke too soon.

Just look at Lindsay pulling her underwear down. It's very edgy in a trying-too-hard-to-be-edgy sort of way. There is also this supersexy one and here's another pantyless shot.

Frankly, it seems as if we've all seen enough of Lindsay's privates by now that we can't understand why she keeps showing them.

Maybe she'll explain what the deal is in her upcoming memoir, but for now we'd like to know what you think...

Lindsay Lohan's Always Naked Poll
I find this latest round of naked Lindsay photos...


Let's go back to a time when Lindsay kept her clothes on in our Stars @ 18 gallery.

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