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    Li'l Fire Delays Lil Wayne's Trip to Jail

    Lil' Wayne Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

    How many going away parties is this guy going to have?

    Lil Wayne's long-awaited sentencing on a gun charge has been postponed yet again, this time due to a fire today in the basement of Manhattan Criminal Court, a New York Fire Department spokesman confirmed to E! News.

    But at least this time it wasn't the rapper's fault.

    According to the FDNY, a small blaze broke out at 10:29 a.m., setting off smoke detectors and prompting a full evacuation of the building. It was brought under control by 11:55 a.m. Five firefighters, two civilians and one prisoner sustained minor injuries, but only one was taken to a hospital.

    "It's not deemed suspicious, but the fire marshal is investigating the possibility the fire started thanks to some construction in one part of the courthouse," the department rep said.

    Consequently, this morning's proceedings were canceled. No word on when they'll resume.

    In any case, it further postpones a trip to jail for the 27-year-old Lil Wayne, real name Dwayne Carter III. He's facing a yearlong sentence at Rikers Island for weapons possession.

    Weezy was originally supposed to be sentenced last month, but Judge Charles H. Solomon granted him a delay for emergency dental surgery. Since then, the Grammy-winning MC's posse has thrown him several send-offs, and he recorded a couple of goodbye videos for his fans.

    Lil Wayne's lawyer, Stacey Richman, told E! News that the courthouse could reopen as soon as tomorrow but she does not know yet for sure.

    In the meantime she can always keep busy planning his next farewell bash.


    When he finally does have his hearing, Lil Wayne will eventually wind up like Charlie Sheen, immortalized in our Court Appearances photo gallery.