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Lost Redux: Want to Know What the Island Is?

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Lost, Matthew Fox, Jorge Garcia
Lost, Matthew Fox, Jorge Garcia ABC/Mario Perez

Oh, Claire! You really have been hanging out in the wrong places, my dear.

Emilie De Ravin's final line in tonight's episode, revealing her "friend," was an awesome little jaw-dropper, but the biggest revelations involve the numbers, our new friend David Shephard and what big mystery will be revealed sooner than you think. (Hint: See title above.)

Keep reading for what you may have missed tonight and scoop on what lies ahead!


The Flash-Sideways World Has to Stick Around in the Very End Now: How do we know this? 'Cause in this sideways reality (where Flight 815 landed safely), Jack now has a son, an awesome son, the kind of son who would make Keri Russell proud if she'd given him up for adoption because he's that crazy talented. And if there's one cardinal rule of prime-time network television, it is this: You cannot off children! Especially if they are of the sweet and fragile variety, as David seems to be. So this sideways world has to exist, and David has to exist, somehow, in the very end.

I just shared this thought with Lost mastermind Damon Lindelof, explaining (pleading) that Jack's son David has to stick around for good, and Damon replied: "I will put in your David request...Apparently I have some pull over here." Yay!

The Numbers Are Ever More Important: Once again the almighty 108--the sum of 4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42, and the number of minutes Locke had to push the button--showed up tonight, as Jacob instructed Hurley to turn the lighthouse wheel 108 degrees. It might be a good time to remind you that the numbers proved to be evil in the world away from the Island, and did very bad things when Hurley (who heard them from a fellow patient at the mental institution) used them to win the lottery. In the sideways reality, the Island is underwater, the numbers were never overheard by the guy who told Hurley, and Hugo "Hurley" Reyes ended up the self-proclaimed "luckiest guy alive." A tip: What leaks out from the Island can and does very much affect the rest of the world, and the numbers are a clue to that.

Claire Has Been "Claimed" by Her "Friend," the Man in Black: Since Claire was last seen hanging out with Christian Shephard and now is with Fake Locke, we can safely assume that the Man in Black was running around as Christian for quite some time, including when he pretended to be Jacob in the cabin. Also, the Island/Jacob is making sure that  babies stay away from wild and possibly crazy mothers--first Rousseau and now Claire--and, remember, prevents pregnant women from conceiving and surviving on the Island. We don't want any babies getting "claimed" now, do we?

Jacob Has Been Watching His "Candidates" All Along: The white building Jack saw in the mirrors at the lighthouse appears to be the church where Jacob met up with Sawyer at Sawyer's father's funeral. Jacob hasn't just been watching Jack, but all of his contenders. And there were more names tonight: Almeida (homage to 24?), Cruz, Linus (aka Benjamin) and Rodriguez (aka Ana-Lucia's real-life last name) all were spotted on the lighthouse wheel, and crossed out. But guess whose name was not crossed out? Number 51: Kate Austen! Yep, she is on the list, people. Just not one of the numbers that add up to 108.

Jack Is Being Set Up for Redemption: Kudos to Lost's scribes for the heart-tugging scene in which Jack fully about-faces Christian's "You don't have what it takes" style of fatherhood and tells David he will always love him, no matter what. (Tear!) Jack Shephard is far more likable in this episode than he's been in quite some time, and it seems clear that the trajectory is being set for Jack's redemption. "I was broken and thought the Island could fix me," he told Hurley. News flash: It probably will!

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Lost, Emilie de Ravin ABC/Mario Perez


Who's Good and Who's Evil? Jorge Garcia tells me this: "I don't think Hurley is going to be turnable. Like I don't think he can…turn dark. I mean, it'd be interesting if there was a flash of that." So perhaps some of the candidates cannot be touched/claimed by MIB? Clearly Hurley has to wind up a good guy.

What Is the Island? That very huge question will be answered in less time than you think--somewhere around halfway through the season, according to  sources. Awesome, right? And you know who's going to help deliver the message? The fantastic, ever-youthful guyliner model Mr. Richard Alpert (Nestor Carbonell) and his longtime friend Jacob (Mark Pellegrino). It's gonna be good.

So…What Is the Island? It's described as a four-letter word. There's your first clue! Shall we play Hangman? There are no A's or E's in the word...Wanna buy another vowel? OK, but you only get one.

Another thing I can tell you: The Island has to exist, according to my sources, and more important, someone has to protect it. It's important to the world outside. 

Spoiler Alert: Find out which dead Lostie will be back!

Then comment below with what you thought of tonight's episode, plus anything and everything I overlooked tonight...



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