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UPDATE April 11, 2011: Brittany Murphy's dad, Angelo Bertolotti, has successfully managed to get his name added to his daughter's death certificate, per TMZ. The document, at the time of the actress's death in 2009, had originally been marked "unknown" where it normally lists the father.


Brittany Murphy may be resting in peace, but her estranged father is apparently mourning in turmoil.

In the wake of reports that Angelo Bertolotti was turned away from visiting the actress's grave this week, E! News confirms that Murphy's mother and husband have put into place some rather restrictive requirements for any would-be visitors to the site.

Which apparently includes Bertolotti.

"The cemetery is open to the public but particular families leave special instructions and we abide by them," a rep for Forest Lawn Memorial Mortuary told E! News.

As for whether Sharon Murphy and Simon Monjack's special instructions singled out Bertolotti, the staffer could not say. Though if true, the 83-year-old will no doubt be facing an uphill battle to see his child's final resting spot.

Bertolotti was not listed as Murphy's father on her death certificate (Murphy's family left the spot blank). He has said he wants to get his name added to the document, something that would require the approval of both his ex-wife and the son-in-law he has never met (and who together saw fit not to invite Bertolotti to Murphy's funeral).

"It's an application that is submitted to the state of California which is signed by the mortuary and the family," the Forest Lawn rep said. "It is the mortuary who makes those changes along with the state of California."

The process to change the certificate typically takes between 10 and 12 weeks, though Bertolotti may want to better inform himself of the necessary steps before embarking on the battle.

While Bertolotti initially signaled he planned on reaching out to the Los Angeles County coroner's office for help, the department says it doesn't have jurisdiction in the matter.

"That wouldn't be our concern," a coroner's spokesman said. "He would have to have it added by the mortuary."

(Originally published February 17, 2010, at 9:36 a.m. PT)


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