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Has Valentine's Day got you down in the dumps? Hey, why not ditch the dirtbag, we mean...date, and instead focus your lovin' energies on a little puppy love (or kitty love, as it may be)?

Forget Robsten—if only for this one special day—and focus instead on some other gorgeous creatures that haven't exactly had the smoothest experiences in love. We're talkin' about all the doggies 'n' kitties helped out by the terrific Rescue Train, a non-profit, no-kill organization that works to find homes for animals that would otherwise be put down in city shelters if not adopted.

Glee's Jane Lynch has worked closely with the group to raise awareness for suffering pooches and pussycats, even hosting their annual fundraiser these past few years.

And all the hard work seems to be paying off...

...At least in Hollywood. Celebrities are starting to catch on that the days of buying from a puppy store are over.

When in Rome babe Kristen Bell has long been an animal advocate, having rescued many dogs, including a stray she found at a gas station last week, and E!'s late-night genius Chelsea Handler just rescued Chunk...lucky bastard.

Team Awful knows not everyone is able to adopt a new pet, but there are other ways to be a part of the cause—just look at Alyssa Milano. A.M., who recently was one of the first celebrities to contribute to Haiti relief, has also been fighting for our furry friends through a website called TwitterACritter.com, which allows folks to tweet information about a homeless dog or cat in need of adoption. Helping is as simple as tweeting—which I know all you superbitchy @theawfultruth followers are definitely good at.

Why not play Cupid for a four-legged friend this Valentine's Day? Find a local animal shelter and donate some of your money or time so that the puppies and kitties get some slurpy affection, too?

We guarantee a little TLC from a cold-nosed companion will make you feel a lot warmer inside than any lousy bouquet of roses from Ralphs.


Celebs love their pets! Check it out in our Very Important Pets gallery.

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