You're invited to Lindsay Lohan's party!

For the Feb. 16 (after the Brit Awards) bash she's hosting to benefit Haiti, she made a video invite that looks she shot it in a hotel room.

"I'll be hosting the best party in London, and I want you to come," L.L. says in the clip.

She's also inviting people such as Ryan Seacrest, Lady Gaga and Lily Allen via Twitter...

But so far, it doesn't sound like any of them are coming.

"For the record, I shan't be flying in to the brit awards, nor have i requested to do so," Lily tweeted.

Lady Gaga and Ryan haven't replied either. Sadface.

She's really giving Angelina Jolie a run for her saintly halo, huh? First LiLo went to India, then she posed as Jesus, and now she's hosting a Haiti benefit.

Would you attend Lindsay's charity bash, or do you think she's just a charity case herself?


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