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    Would You Do Pink All Pretty in Pink?

    Pink Sam Sharma/ Jeff Steinberg,

    Pink finally lives up to her name.

    Grabbing lunch with a gal-pal at Stanley's Restaurant, Pink ditched her usual fauxhawk, flannel shirt and motorcycle boots. Instead, she went full-on Stepford Wife, complete with a floral top and her hair pinned back with a barrette. Yes, you read that right: a barrette.

    What the ef? Is the raucous pop star once so hardcore she used an exclamation mark in her name losing her edge?

    Don't let the pastel colors fool you; Pink is still as badass as ever. Sure, she may be dressed like she's going to brunch at the country club, but she's still packin' the 'tude, trust.

    I'm surprised Pink even bothered paying her parking meter—figured she'd just wait for the meter maid to confront her before kicking some ass and writing a hit song about it.

    If Pink's recent Grammy performance—in which she hung, dripping with water, from the ceiling—proved anything, it's that Pink isn't afraid to shake things up. So I say brava to the usually butch chick for getting all girlie on us. Scary as hell, but I kinda dig it, you?

    Too many stars are stuck selling a single look, but it seems—possibly thanks to the über-fashionable Lady Gaga—that the ladies in Hollywood are starting to mix it up and try new things.

    So what can we expect next? Maybe Taylor Swift will leave the shiny cocktail dresses for something in leather? Dare I risk jinxing it, but will Britney Spears actually wear a bra in public? The possibilities are endless.

    Just don't get too soft on us, Pinky.


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