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    Brangelina & Jennifer Aniston Take Over Tabloids

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    We all knew the Brangelina covers were coming this week—well, they really come every week, but this week, it's like they could really mean something—since the breakup rumor is getting more traction than usual.

    So let's see what theories the tabloids have concocted this time around...

    In Touch Weekly follows up its whole dialect-coach rumor with a new story about how Jen met Shiloh and cried because of Shiloh's boy clothes. Just kidding. Jen cried because Brad is a great dad and even though Angelina is ruining his life "at least he had this beautiful little girl." (In) Touching!

    Star is pretty sure Jen is ready to take Brad back; she's just waiting for him and Angie to make everything official. And Jen's really been really great through all this: "He knew she would console him, like she always did when they were together."

    OK!'s cover screams "Yes! They're Together Again" but inside it just says they had an emotional reunion at the Hope for Haiti telethon and that Brad considered shaving off his billy goat face hair because he was so nervous for their meeting. "He's obsessed with her. She seems to be all he thinks about all the time," some source says.

    And then there's Us Weekly, which is less about Jen and more about how Angie yells at Brad for things like making eggs too runny. WTF, Brad? Can't you do anything right!? She also hates how much he likes Obama, New Orleans and art.

    So what's true? None of it, some of it, all of it? Who knows. We expect some photo op soon, though. Hopefully it'll involve the twins—it feels like forever since we've seen those two! Actually it's been exactly one year today since their unveiling happened last awards season. Interesting...


    While we try to sift through what's true and what's false, the photos don't lie! Check out our Brad & Angelina Family Album.