Gary Coleman

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Gary Coleman apparently found himself caught between a rock and a gross place.

The producers of Midgets vs. Mascots, a straight-to-DVD mockumentary about five little people competing against five mascots for $1 million, announced today that Coleman has reluctantly OK'd the use of a shot of his genitals that he says was used in the film without his permission.

Coleman is reluctantly agreeing to it because it was Midgets' producers who bailed him out of jail yesterday.

"The footage in question occurred during an improvised moment in a shower scene when Mr. Coleman attempted to break up a fight between two little people," producers Brad Keller and Joey Stewart said in a statement.

"During the scuffle, Mr. Coleman's robe split open to reveal more than he had planned. The producers stand behind their position that Mr. Coleman signed multiple documents allowing any and all footage, including both scripted and unscripted moments, to appear in the film.

"The producers simply agreed to bail out Mr. Coleman as an olive branch and to avoid any potential litigation."

Coleman wanted Keller and Stewart to make it clear that he was only begrudgingly going along with the scene, they added.

The former Diff'rent Strokes star was released from Utah County Jail Monday after posting $1,725 bail.

He had been arrested Saturday after a "civil disturbance" was reported at his house, and then jailed after police discovered an outstanding warrant for a missed court appearance.

Coleman is due back in court Feb. 8.


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