The rumor sounds crazy, but super fun, right? That the Academy was "secretly" looking to spice up their two-white-guy Oscar hosting lineup of Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin? Even more fun was that Tina Fey was a name getting kicked around.

So when Giuliana Rancic asked Tina about it tonight on the SAG Awards Live From the Red Carpet, the 30 Rock winner (for Female Actor in a Comedy Series) set the record straight:

"No ma'am," Fey said. "I think last week I may have mentioned by accident that I might present. But no, [Alec] and Steve are doing all of it. They can sing and dance and do the whole thing."

But that imp Baldwin had added a dash of sacrastic mystery, asking Giuliana:

"I've heard there's a secret third host—who have you heard?"

"Tina Fey," she dished.

"That would be great," Alec said. "It would diminish my workload significantly by at least 20 percent, because I've got 50...I want everyone to call the Academy and ABC TV and demand that Tina be the third host."

Will do. Anybody need those numbers?


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