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For everybody who says I'm a blindly Dem-loving jerk just because I can't stand Sarah Palin, hey, get this: Barack Obama's not exactly at the top of my Ass-Kissing List, either. And not just because he's never repealed the horrifically antigay policy of Don't Ask, Don't Tell from the military, as he promised he would before he was elected.

When Ted Kennedy's senate seat went to a Republican—in Massachusetts!—and Obama blamed Wall Street (uh, hello?). I rang up one of my top political insiders, and said, literally, "WTF?" Not just the gay crap, but how did a staunchly democratic stronghold go GOP? Plus, the country seems to be hating on the prez right now, what's going on?

The news wasn't too pretty:

"Clearly, [Obama]'s surrounded by a bunch of ideologues who are yes-men and who have no idea how to (a) manage Congress; (b) manage the states; and (c) manage themselves," said my inside Potomac insider who, despite having worked for the Bush White House, was no big fan of GWB, I assure you.

The former White House bigwig continued. "It started with an inexperienced man who was ill-equipped to run for president, but did so at a time Republicans had weak candidates and the sitting Republican President was unpopular. And let's face it, if he were white, he wouldn't have beaten Hillary in the primary," surmised my still politically active Washington mole.

And my political strategist, by the by, is also not only fully aware I voted for Ms. Clinton in the primary, she also appears to be seeing why I was such a fan of H.C. in first place:

"I totally agree with you. If Hillary had been elected, people could at least agree or disagree on something, because the woman makes decisions, not just a bunch of bulls--t talk and jibberish that speechwriters turn out to make him oh-so-dreamy and hopey-changey."

But hey, I'm not done with Obama yet, everybody. He's still our prez, and he still inspires a modicum of hope. But he sure is being jerky about it in the process. Michelle, can't you pull a Nancy Reagan and whip that dude of yours into shape or something?


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