Scott Baio, Michelle Obama

Jenna Lynn/Getty Images; Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

There aren't too many people on Twitter wishing happy days for Scott Baio right now.

The former sitcom star is being reamed by fellow Twitter users after posting a highly unflattering photo of Michelle Obama with the accompanying comment, "WOW He wakes up to this every morning."

Very ungentlemanly behavior toward the first lady, yes, but probably just a douchey attempt at a joke from an avowed Republican with issues.

"People need to relax and laugh a bit," a probably startled Baio wrote when the onslaught began of people calling him everything from racist to A-hole to irrelevant. "Life is too short no matter what party you are with. A joke is just that, a joke."

The tweeters who say they want him dead aren't seeing the humor, however.

"PLEASE NOTE: The FBI has been contacted & we have a file number for the threats, along with twitter support. Thx," Baio wrote at about noon today in response to posts like this one:

"Timafi: 'easy to find your house Scottie boy and finish YOU. I am a republican and I love Mrs O.' "

Ishatonu wonders "how long until @RealScottBaio realizes his career is dead. Resorting to insulting Michelle Obama will only further his irrelevancy."

"LOL @RealScottBaio got called out for being a racist mean spirit asshole and now he is having a meltdown via twitter," wrote an apparently tickled windycitywatch.

"One bad picture of a woman & everyone wants to bash me? If it had been of Palin ppl would have prob. cheered. I am NOT making fun of any1," countered a baffled Baio, who earlier today posted a photo of him and a woman he identified as his wife's black best friend as further defense against the racism accusations.

But informing Twitter users that he had contacted the authorities didn't stop the bum rush.

"Do everyone a favor @realscottbaio, and KILL YOURSELF!" user TrendZ86 wrote on Baio's page at around 3 p.m.

"I love you to @TrendZ86 Waa Wa Wa.. LMAO," the Charles in Charge star responded. "Funny thing is I've jumped to almost 5000 because ppl like to hate. You'd think they wouldn't follow. I block'em & play golf."


We'd rather Scott Baio contribute fun shots like these to Twitter.

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