The shocking revelations about Casey Johnson just keep on coming.

The deceased 30-year-old Johnson & Johnson heiress had plans to release some rather personal footage to make a few bucks and land a deal for a reality show.

"We had our own sex tape," Johnson's ex Courtenay Semel tells E! News exclusively. "It was either listen to our families and do what they say to get our lives back, or do it ourselves and sell this tape, work on our show. That was kind of our plan."

The lovebirds were in need of some quick cash after Johnson was cut off by her parents.

Semel says they used to remind each other, "We can get the money. We've already filmed it—why don't we just put it out there and we'll just take the money for it. We don't need our parents."

Instead, they used the video as leverage when negotiating with their relatives.

"We used it as bribery on both sides of our families," Semel admits.

The couple considered the film, which was shot during a trip to Texas, to be a bit more than just a voyeuristic adventure.

"We laughed when we watched our sex tape because we were like, 'This is the most beautiful piece of art work we have ever seen in our lives,' " Semel says. "It's beautiful...When you find that person that's literally your other half. We don't care to show this. You could just tell how much, how in love, we were."

Semel claims they were planning to release the film as a teaser for their reality show, which was in development.

"Our show could've gone after that," she claims. "Casey and Courtenay were going to make Casey and Courtenay happen."

But don't expect to see the tape anytime soon—Semel says it's now in the Johnson family's possession.

For more on Casey & Courtenay's sex tape, check out E!'s Daily 10, tonight at 7:30 p.m. ET/PT.


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