Protective Order or Not, Charlie Visits Ailing Brooke in Hospital

    Charlie Sheen, Brooke Mueller Michael Bezjian/ Getty Images

    Brooke Mueller's toothache has taken a turn for the worse: Charlie Sheen's estranged wife is being treated in a Los Angeles-area hospital following emergency oral surgery.

    And despite a protective order barring Sheen from having contact with her in the wake of their Christmas Day debacle, the Two and a Half Men star has been to visit Mueller in the ICU.

    Yale Galanter, a lawyer for Mueller, confirmed that Sheen's missus was suffering from pneumonia, telling E! News that while her condition is serious, "her prognosis is excellent."

    Sheen and Mueller were supposed to reunite today, but in a Colorado courtroom, not a medical center. But a judge delayed the hearing on whether to eliminate or extend the protective order until Friday because of Mueller's "medical emergency."

    "We're expecting her to be released sometime today and we are expecting her to attend the hearing on Friday," Galanter said. "The doctors at Sherman Oaks Hospital have pumped her full of antibiotics. The fever was a result of an infection from oral surgery she had earlier in the week."

    Galanter said that despite the restraining order, Sheen is able to visit his wife in the hospital because it is an "emergency situation."

    "We filed an emergency motion with the court this morning. We are doing everything in our power to get court permission for this to occur," the legal eagle added. "It's his wife. We’re certainly not complaining about it and if anybody does something about it, it will be the most cruel thing I’ve ever heard."

    Galanter said that Mueller should be fine to make the trip to Colorado.

    "She can travel and we would really like to make this happen on Friday so we can get this over with already," Galanter said.

    (Originally published Jan. 20, 2010, at 10:55 a.m. PT)


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