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Melrose Place Stars Promise "Lots of Sex"

Stephanie Jacobsen, Katie Cassidy Brian Ach/Getty Images

Melrose Place is getting dirty!

We caught up with series stars Katie Cassidy and Stephanie Jacobsen at the launch of the Division E women's collection at Lisa Kline on Robertson in support of the H.E.L.P. charity, and Cassidy told us, "I can tell you that there's lots of sex happening...Ella's getting some—maybe from one, maybe from more." See? Dirty!

Read on to find out who else is hooking up, and how Ella and Heather Locklear's Amanda tangle in the upcoming episodes.

Plus, what are the chances of a second season for the ratings-troubled soap? Here's what we’re hearing about the future of Melrose Place exclusively from Katie and Stephanie...

Regarding that possible second-season pickup, CW suits will likely decide the sudsy drama's fate closer to upfronts in May, but in the meantime, Cassidy tells us, "We’re not sure yet [about season two]; we just finished our first season." And the lovely Ms. Jacobsen says, "We haven't heard anything at this stage, [but] there have been positive indications."

Do tell!

Well, says the Australian-born actress, "The last few shows have been very well-received by people. Yesterday was our final day of shooting, and there is a distinct sense of confidence still there. There was an overall feeling of faith on the set. It's in the hands of God really. Whatever happens, it's been great. It's an experience that I will never forget."

How would Jacobsen react if there were not a second season? She says, "I'd bawl my eyes out for a few days."

But enough worrying about the long-term future, let's dish on what’s coming soon for our favorite scandalous West Hollywood residents. For example, how is Amanda going to fit into things, and does she have any tricks up her sleeve? Says Cassidy, "Any tricks? Oh yeah, are you kidding? She is bad, but we all knew that. I can’t really give away exactly what she does. Ella fights back." Good for you, girl!

As for Jacobsen's character, med student/prostitute Lauren, it seems that she might be escaping her shady career situation. According to Jacobsen, "Lauren makes a couple of changes. She encounters a few forks in her road, and she makes extreme calls. Let me say that, as the actor who plays her, her path has been very satisfying."

But will Lauren and David (Shaun Sipos) continue their strange-bedfellows romance? Check the next spoiler chat a week from Monday, and we'll tell you! Meanwhile, check out our pal Marc Malkin's story about Katie Cassidy's new romance!

Which Melrose storylines intrigue you the most? Do you think it should get a second season? Hit the comments.


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