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    Has Anyone Seen Joaquin Phoenix?

    Joaquin Phoenix

    Has anyone seen Joaquin Phoenix?
    —ChristaBean, via the Answer B!tch inbox

    The people who have not seen Joaquin Phoenix are definitely in the majority right now. Ever since the Great Joaquin Phoenix Breakdown of 2009.

    Now, remember: Last year, the Walk the Line actor announced he was leaving acting for the world of rap music. He grew a beard longer than Brad Pitt's, behaved bizarrely on late-night TV and made the world wonder whether it was all a big joke.

    He also dropped off the map.

    We did a little digging, and here's what we found:

    My sources in the paparazzi world say they haven't seen Phoenix for months.

    "He's been so reclusive, I'd be surprised if there was anything on him for several months," one savvy pap tells me. "Last shots of him that we have are from almost a year ago."

    Apparently, the last time Phoenix was supposed to be officially out and about was an afterparty following that MOCA museum 30th anniversary blowout in November. The same party where Lady Gaga sat at a piano wearing a hat and Brangelina walked around.

    The afterparty was at a restaurant called Sur, and Phoenix was listed as a cohost. But he was MIA.

    I asked the event publicist to confirm that Phoenix was supposed to show up, and I also asked if maybe Joaquin would instead be hosting some other event of hers in the future. (Maybe there had been some sort of miscommunication or emergency?)

    "He was supposed to [appear]," the publicist snipped over email. "Your last question is really irrelevant."

    Well, meee-ow to you, too. I guess we won't be seeing Phoenix listed as a cohost of anything anytime soon.

    So what else?

    There have been reports that Phoenix is participating in a documentary with brother-in-law actor Casey Affleck, following Phoenix's transition to rap music or what have you.

    It sounds way too interesting to be true, but I reached out to Affleck's publicist, who confirmed that the project is real. It's so real it's already been shot and officially is in postproduction. No word on a release date, but at least we know that the movie is no joke.

    Unlike that beard. Which makes me laugh every single time.


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