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    Charlie Sheen, Brooke Mueller Play Musical Houses

    Brooke Mueller, Charlie Sheen Todd Williamson/Getty Images

    Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller may have spent the past few weeks in different states, but they want you to know that they are still "absolutely, 100 percent" committed to being together. In their own separate way.

    Though the couple maintain that they have every intention of reuniting, for the time being a court order has rendered any cohabitation impossible—which is why the Two and a Half Men star was forced to pack up his Hanes and ditch their family pad after Mueller finally returned from Aspen with their two kids late last night.

    "Brooke moved back home to Los Angeles yesterday," her attorney, Yale Galanter, told E! News. "Charlie is also in Los Angeles, staying with one of his very close friends."

    Galanter said that he is unsure whether Sheen has had a chance to see his twin boys since his Christmas morning arrest, though he claims the toddling duo are taking the separation harder than their embattled mama.

    "I think it's taking more of a toll on the kids than on Brooke," he said. "They want to see their father and obviously it's taken a toll on their dad as well. It's a horrible thing when a court order breaks up a family."

    Which is probably why they only do it in extreme (like, say, alleged life-threatening, knife-wielding) situations.

    Still, Galanter said overall the family is adjusting as best they can.

    "I wouldn't say they're acting out, they're pretty happy kids. But they would like to be with Mom and Dad. Part of the reason of moving them back to L.A. was to just make sure everyone was comfortable. Being in the family home is a lot better than being in a rental property."

    They better enjoy it while they can—in just one week's time, the entire brood, including Sheen, will be heading back to Aspen for a Jan. 20 hearing in which they hope to get rid of the court order barring them contact.

    "I don't think they will have any moments together before the hearing," he said, adding that it's not because they wouldn't be allowed to.

    "It sounds crazy, but to give you an example, they could be on the same airplane and as long as they're not communicating and not sitting near each other, it wouldn't be a problem. But they haven't been in any situations like that. We're not only honoring the letter of the order, we're honoring the intent of the order also."

    Theoretically, if the judge rules in their favor, the couple could reunite at their rental home in Aspen to celebrate. (They've paid for the pad through Jan. 25.)

    "I know as soon as the court rules, they plan to resume a normal life together," Galanter said. "The couple wants to be able to live together and we're waiting for the court to rule on all of those issues. They want to scrupulously honor the court's order."

    (Originally published Jan. 13, 2009, at 12:55 p.m. PT)


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