John Mayer

To ease his way into 2k10, John Mayer blogged and tweeted he was not going to blog and tweet for a week straight.

Just before signing off, he explained: "I will read books. I will listen to music. I will better track the words of others as they're spoken to me. I will not use texting as a form of reaching out for superficial attention/affection at all hours of the night. By not micro-trading in my emotional stock value every second of the day, I may just end up seeing the bigger, beautiful picture."

And now that he's enjoyed the big, beautiful picture without the interference of the Internet, he's back. What was his first tweet?

"You really get to know your pants when you travel." Yes, truly profound wisdom that can only come from a week of introspection.

To be fair, he followed that up with, "The cleanse was amazing. I'm back but I want to keep some of what I've gained. Fewer tweets, more links...longer phrases."

We await further insight and maybe a song or two, because as douchey a date as John Mayer might be, he is right about some things. "2009 took fragmentation to a whole new level, given the rise of Twitter and the social acceptance of texting people as a substitute to making phone calls," he wrote precleanse. Maybe Miley Cyrus can help him work through everything.


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