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Bachelor Jake: No Hard Feelings, but Rozlyn Says Nothing Happened!

The Bachelor's Jake Pavelka will live to love another day.

The maybe sex scandal heard round the reality-TV world finally aired last night, and E! News' Ashlan Gorse caught up with the jet-setting love seeker to chat about what really went down with Rozlyn Papa and the unnamed show staffer.

"I was like, 'This didn't happen,' Jake says of first learning of the alleged relationship between Rozlyn and a Bachelor producer. "Then Chris Harrison came and talked to me, and it did happen. He was flustered. I've never seen that man flustered. He was really sorry."

However, Rozlyn tells E! News a different story—in fact, she denies the show's claims completely.

Rozlyn's rep says the real reason her client left the show was due to disagreements with producers over her young son.

(Didn't even know she has one, did ya?!)

Stacie Vanchieri, Rozlyn's longtime modeling agent, tells E! News that producers tried to hide the fact that her client is a mother.

Vanchieri says Rozlyn only agreed to appear on the series after she was told she'd be able to speak with her 7-year-old son, Aiden, on a daily basis, and have him visit the set. But soon after taping began, Rozlyn realized that promise wouldn't be kept.

"I can't say that she wasn't allowed to call him, but she wanted to talk about him, and they wouldn't let her tell Jake," she says. "I think that's when she realized it wasn't going to work."

She adds that Rozlyn did not (and does not) date any crewmembers or producers from the series, but did casually befriend a producer during the brief shoot.

"I think she became friendly with a producer on set, and he may have had a little bit of a crush," she says. "But what was she there, two weeks? She certainly didn't sleep with anyone in that time."

E! News has also learned that Rozlyn knows her way around a police blotter.

According to court documents, the axed bachelorette has had several minor run-ins with the law, including two petty larceny charges in 1999 that were later dropped, a couple of speeding tickets, and citations for driving without a registration and a license, both of which were dismissed.

Papa, now 28, was also detained in June 1999 for underage possession of alcohol. After appealing the case, she was found guilty and ordered to pay $173 in fines and court fees.

Regardless of what really happened, don't shed a tear for Jake just yet. He's already A-OK with the whole thing.

"I harbor no ill will toward Rozlyn and the staff member," he tells us. "If they're in love, awesome."

Jake kept mum on which lucky lady he picked—it's only the second episode!—but he filled us in on why he took the plunge into Bachelorhood in the first place.

"I'm not desperate to get married, but I am desperate to find the right girl."

Whom do you believe: Jake or Rozlyn? Do you even care about this Bachelor craziness? Shout out below.


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