Nikki Reed, Kristen Stewart

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Dear Ted:
Have you seen the video of Kristen Stewart kissing Nikki Reed? WTF? Summit is going to be pissed!

Dear Love Triangle:
Jeez, maybe Nik was jealous of Rob then, not Kristen. Wonder if KiKi lives on?

Dear Ted:
Was Danneel Harris trying to take the heat off Jared Padalecki by plopping herself in the middle of the engagement fiasco, or was it just for attention for herself? Have you heard anything about how Jensen Ackles felt with the whole Twitter war between his fiancée and yourself? Danneel didn't deserve her own post the other day (but it was still funny as hell to read), she took the limelight away from Jared and Genevieve. We wanted Jared to have his own post. What's good for Jensen should be good for Jared, since you said they do everything together (or something), you should be the same way.

Dear Cruel Intentions:
One thing you gotta love about Twitter is it makes you instantly accessible to people. I doubt Danneel thought her tweet over as much as you're making it out to be, sorry, doll. What is it about Jared that everyone wants me to say in an individual post to him?

Dear Ted:
Thank you for your comments about Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller and the lack of outrage surrounding his attack. An attack is an attack. Your comments rang out clear and true in the silent space where our horror and disgust should have been. You always point out that the emperor is butt-nekkid with flair and gusto, but your true greatness is when you ask us all what the hell did we think we were looking at, anyways? Thanks for showing us the truth, even when we're awful.
E in Philly

Dear Blind Sided:
Glad you agree...still waiting on that Sheen statement, but I'm not holding my bitchy breath for it.

Dear Ted:
It's looking like we may be seeing more of two of my favorite actors this awards season: Sandra Bullock (The Blind Side) and Colin Firth (A Single Man, which was fabulous, by the way). I am wondering: Is Sandra as normal and down-to-earth as she seems? I still don't understand her marriage to that garage guy. Also, Colin seems happily married, sane and doing fantastic work these days—is he all he seems? I know Hollywood can create illusions, but these two seem pretty solid. What's your take?
Amy From Chicago

Dear Normal, Schmormal:
Darling, if you're in Hollywood, you're definitely are not down-to-earth. But I heart those two, they're about as close as we're gonna get! Well, at least Colin is, I can assure you of that much.

Dear Ted:
Going on my own definition of a "movie star," I am guessing Chris Pine as Parrish Maguire. And speaking of young hunks, has Sean Faris ever been a B.V.? I love ya mucho and check your site many times daily! For the record, I like my B.B.s before lunch (eastern). Mwah!

Dear Pining Away:
Fabola guess for Parrish, but you've missed the mark a bit, I'm afraid. Think a bit less rugged. Actually, make that a lot less rugged. As for Sean Faris, nope.

Dear Ted:
What's your opinion about soon-to-be-ex Mrs. Padalecki, aka Genevieve Cortese? A majority of Supernatural's fans dislike her because she ruined a great character with her total lack of acting skills and wonder why she was hired for the role at the first place...or maybe was she in fact enlisted for another type of work, the kind that requires more behind-the-scenes acting?

Dear The Other Woman:
Thought she was terrific on Supernaturual, what's the damn beef about her, anyway? Can't say I know a whole lot about Cortese...I haven't been fortunate enough to build a Twitter relaysh with the babe. Yet.

Dear Ted:
You stated in your last Bitch-Back that if either Jared Padalecki or Jensen Ackles marries, the other will probably go ahead as well, but if Jared cancels his wedding (since rumor has it, he's getting married next month in Idaho), do you think Jensen would go along with his this year, or put it off due to Supernatural or some other lame excuse?

Dear Supersneaks:
Now that we've all pointed it out, I bet he'd stay engaged to prove us all wrong.

Dear Ted:
Is Nelly Fang getting fat? Is it Gerard Buttler? Love you so much!

Dear Vamp Tramp:
Nelly's deelish as ever, unlike Mr. B.

Dear Ted:
Do I have to explain this to you to? Yes, Edward was missing in the middle part of New Moon, but there was so much of Edward and Bella when they reunited, and the movie almost skimmed through the reunion. Summit did add the extended fight scene, which was good, but there was so much more of Edward and Bella reuniting that was shortened, many of us were disappointed. There was too much of Jacob, if you ask me, and I do like the guy, well, sort of. This is the love story of Edward and Bella, and we want more Rob and Kristen in Eclipse. They can't cut those scenes short just because they want action or more of something else. It will kill the movie. Please help us!

Dear The People Have Spoken:
Trust, Summit is very aware of all of your concerns. Don't think Robsten's people are the only ones trolling the fan sites! I think you have a lot more fight scenes coming your way...Haven't heard much about love stuff either way, but I'll ask Deep Twi for ya.

Dear Ted:
What's your take on Hugh Jackman and his family? Met them briefly and they seem really nice and normal. Do you think his marriage is the real shiz? What about the gay rumors about him? Much love.

Dear Picture Perfect:
They are very, very nice, and I think they're all very happy, but no family is without its secrets. And the rumors certainly aren't quashed at all, what with the constant presence of Jackman's omnipresent handsome, male business partner.

Dear Ted:
Is there any truth to the rumor that the whole Brad Pitt-Angelina Jolie-Jennifer Aniston triangle has been the work of publicists and that there's no animosity between Angelina and Jennifer? Also any truth to the rumor that Angelina is pregnant again?

Dear Sorry:
No truth to that rumor. Again, one of our Brangelina sources insists Jen could care less now, though.

Dear Ted:
I just started reading your blog a couple of months ago, and I am now utterly addicted. I swear, I recommend it to pretty much anyone who comes within 5 feet of me. Care to return the favor? I would love some dirt on the cast of How I Met Your Mother! Specifically—is Neil Patrick Harris as kind and funny as he seems? Is Jason Segel really a bit of a sleaze, as some recent rumors have suggested? Thanks so much!

Dear Consider It Returned:
NPH is a gem, and even cuter in person, BTW. As for Jason, yes, he is known for his quasi-sleazy rep around town, but we dig him. Glad he doesn't hide it like Miley Cyrus does.

Dear Ted:
Do you ever get your hand "slapped," so to speak, for revealing too much about someone? I know you try and tell us as much as possible without telling us, but does that get you into a little bit of hot water?

Dear Good Question:
Well, let's put it this way: Yesterday, I had a physical. In fact, I twittered how much I hated having the prostate exam (unlike some gay men), which got some interesting responses, but none so shocked as when I checked outta my doc's office and saw the bill for one friggin' thousand dollars.

And then, to top it off afterward, there was a call waiting for me from...Summit. Let's just say their reaction to our Sumitt vs. Meyer piece made me feel like I was getting a prostate exam all over again. And I preferred the first.

(And folks say I'm on the Summit payroll, what lunacy!)


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