Last month, Lindsay Lohan took time out of her busy alleged design-hijacking and car-crashing schedule to head over to India and save 40 children make a documentary about child trafficking.

Now the first footage of LiLo abroad has been released online, showing scenes from the forthcoming documentary Lindsay Lohan in India.

The TV doc follows Lohan as she travels through the country to meet with young victims exploited by sweatshops and sex-trafficking operations, as well as their parents and even a reformed trafficker.

"The whole situation is heartbreaking because the parents aren't necessarily in the wrong, the children are obviously not in the wrong," Lohan says. "The traffickers are the ones in the wrong. Because they know what they're doing. And anyone that says that they don't know…I mean, come on."

The documentary is set to air on BBC3 sometime this spring. So far, it does not have a U.S. screening date.


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