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Arnold Schwarzenegger, Maria Shriver

Gold Wong/Getty Images

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver, joyously riding bikes together on Santa Monica beach. Only in California is our governor dressed appropriately in January in long shorts, a muscle tee and a jacket.

The big shocker here?

"He actually looked great," says our surprised spy. Maybe that's because A.S. was wearing makeup.

But still, can't help but wonder what he has done to his face these days? Arnold and Teri Hatcher are two celebs who are looking better as they age. Gotta love Hollywood!

Maria, sadly, "looked like her mother, Eunice," 'fesses our disappointed spotter.

We're told M.S. looked "haggard and bone-thin with no makeup in a hideous jogging outfit."

Don't think our picky source stops there: "Her face was weathered to hell."

Hey, isn't there such a thing as an off day in L.A.? Somebody more naturally handsome, and possibly more in touch with the people these days than our governor was...

Josh Brolin, shopping for bath mats at Restoration Hardware in Century City.

This par-tick location is closing, so things there are 40 percent off.

Glad Oscar-nominated Brolin knows how to live like one of the common folk! And he looked damn good while doing it, too. Is that why Diane Lane keeps him around?


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