Deanna Pappas


When DeAnna Pappas was The Bachelorette two seasons ago, men were lining up to get to her.

Last night at the Tea Room in Hollywood, guys were still lining up, but this time it was to get drinks from her.

The 27-year-old Georgia native was bartending at the hot spot.

Originally a real estate agent before appearing on the reality series, she went on to land a job hosting a Lifetime show called Get Married in late 2008 (sort of ironic considering she broke off her engagement to Jesse Csincsak).

Doesn't sound like it worked out so well since she's now slinging drinks. Either way, she's currently dating another guy with a Bachelorette connection...

DeAnna blogs that she's dating the twin brother of Michael, a contestant who was cast off by Jillian last season.

Michael and his twin, Stephen, were both at the bar last night, along with some more famous faces: Adam Lambert, Joel Madden and Nicole Richie.

Adam seemed to be having a great time at the packed club, while Joel, who was there without his missus at first, seemed a little uncomfortable hanging with his guy friends from Cobra Starship until Nicole showed up.

Once his girlfriend arrived, the two quickly left. Hurrying home to see their babies perhaps?


Look who else was out and about last night at the People's Choice Awards.

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