As if 20 years in prime time wasn't enough, television's preeminently jaundiced clan is about to hit another mind-boggling milestone.

This Sunday, Fox will air "Once Upon a Time in Springfield," The Simpsons' 450th episode.

As no such occasion is complete without a big-name guest star or two, Anne Hathaway will be lending her vocal talents to the episode, playing Princess Penelope, Krusty's demographic-expanding costar turned object of his multicolored affection. Elsewhere, Homer and his own coworkers try to fight the good fight after learning Mr. Burns is putting an end to the nuclear plant's free doughnuts. (Mmmm…doughnuts.)

To further mark the accomplishment of the longest-running scripted prime-time series ever, the episode will be followed by an hourlong documentary from Morgan Spurlock, titled (seriously) The Simpsons 20th Anniversary Special in 3-D on Ice. The special will document the cultural influence of the show, showcase some its more ardent, and in one instance tattoo-loving, fans, and feature a special performance by Moby of Homer's "Mr. Plow" song.

So watch it already, okily-dokily?


Anne Hathaway's not the only star getting in 'toon. Check out which other celebs have taken a turn for the two-dimensional in our Stars Get Animated gallery.

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