Tiger Woods, Elin Woods

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If you're wondering whether or not Tiger Woods' biz colleagues are rooting for him and estranged wife Elin to patch things up, let's just say this: If you're a romantic, don't read any farther.

Here's what just one of Woods' high-paid associates has to say on the nasty situation: "If the divorce happens, he'll return to golf sooner."

So assesses a business pal to Woods (and by the way, Woods is reportedly visiting a pal's Long Island estate to secretly get sex-addict help, while also hitting New York under the radar, as we reported yesterday): The Woodses have long been rumored to also be in therapy together.

But Tiger's pro buds, we assure, just want their No. 1 sports star to get back to what he does best, which clearly isn't...

...juggling the various women in his life, with wife Elin certainly at the top of that list.

When we polled another of Woods' sports colleagues, one who has witnessed Tiger's harem-like traveling shows of adoring fans and fawning females, she replied:

"Leopards don't change their spots."

Mind you, this was spoken by an authority who has witnessed many a gifted athlete, Kobe Bryant included, have trouble keeping the groupie population at bay. The sports vet also added, regarding the possibility of a Woods divorce:

"Money changes everything. Elin may stick around, but things will never be the same."

Perhaps this is why some who want Tiger to get back to playing golf ASAP just want him to call it a day, domestically speaking?

Sounds pretty cold to me, but what business isn't, really?


Sorry, but we'd take Elin over any of Tiger's alleged other women.

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