Brooke Mueller, Charlie Sheen

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Charlie Sheen is no Chris Brown (as far as we're aware at this point), but they sure do have something in common: silence after the fact.

Ever since Sheen's wife, Brooke Mueller, claimed her husband threatened to off her, the resulting coverage's been leaning heavily on how unseemly and inebriated Brooke allegedly was. And why should anybody believe her, anyway? Also big in the headlines was Charlie's precious Two and a Half Men contract with CBS and what the hell's going to happen to that. Will all this unfortunate biz perhaps tarnish (or worse, irretrievably ruin) the likeable TV guy's loveable image?

Where the hell's the uproar over violence against women here?

Especially, as it's coming—yet again—reportedly from another big-name celebrity? The longer Sheen says nothing publicly, the longer the taint of it's somehow OK to rough up your woman as long as you're famous and make millions gets soaked up into America's already misogynistic pop culture.

Especially with messages from Camp Sheen like...

"Everything is not what it appears."

What the hell does that mean, anyway? And why hasn't Sheen issued a statement that, while he won't comment on this private family matter right now, he in no ways condones violence against women, nor would he ever consider such an heinous act?

Because of the same reason Chris Brown shut up, I dare say. Because it'll lessen Sheen's chances of getting off if he even remotely intimates he ever could have been party to such a violent episode. So per usual, Hollywood Celebrity 1, Women's Rights 0.

I'll tell ya one thing, if Brooke were a celebrity of equal stature, with a similar audience who loved her, this wait-until-they-please-to-comment biz wouldn't wash, just like it didn't with Rihanna's fans.

Why does a woman have to be a celebrity to get some decent treatment in this country?


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