Tiger Woods, Kate Gosselin, John Mayer

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What a sleazyass year '09 was, and it seems like you readers totally agree! Our Ho Ho Ho Awards we're a super success—a big borderline-inappropriate hug to you all for playing along (despite some objections out there).

We're so not shocked by some of our winners. Tiger Woods won the He-Man Heave-Ho Award with a whopping 94 percent of the votes, by far the biggest gap we saw in our 10 rounds.

What we were more surprised about was our conniving, sleazeelicious second-place femme Ho. Any guesses folks? Lohan maybe? Perhaps even Kate Hudson? Think again...

It was Miley Cyrus!

That pop tease won our Underage Ho award, crushing Taylor Lautner with 86 percent of the vote. That's what you get for turning an ice cream truck into your personal stripper stage, girlfriend.

Here's the breakdown of the rest of our winners...Most were pretty darn close:

He-Man Heave-Ho Award: Tiger Woods, 94 percent

Ho Ahead of Time: Miley Cyrus, 86 percent

Child-Bearing Ho: Octomom, 67 percent

Self-Righteous Ho Model: Carrie Prejean, 65 percent

Master Media Ho: Kate Gosselin, 57 percent

A-Rod Ho: Kate Hudson, 55 percent

Terrible-Tweeting Ho: Lindsay Lohan, 54 percent

Date-Perplexed Ho: John Mayer, 53 percent

Glam Shock Ho: Lady Gaga, 52 percent

Douche Ho Master: Chris Brown, 52 percent

Since Chris Brown and Jon Gosselin were the most evenly matched in our Ho-down, we think it's only fair that Team Awful get to crown an Honorary Ho award. Presenting, the You Made Our Lives Hell Having to Report on You, Ho Bag Award to Mr. Gosselin.

Here's to an equally skanky 2010!


Think the majority of our Hos have been Blind Vices? You bet! But can you guess which ones...

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