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On Earth One, Heroes hasn't been a ratings superhero for a long while. But on Earth Two...Oh, on Earth Two, it flies higher than Grey's Anatomy.

For the purposes of this discussion, Earth One is the real Nielsen world, and Earth Two, the exciting world of Internet piracy.  

A TorrentFreak ranking of the top 10 most pirated shows of 2009 found the NBC series on top, with 6.6 million unauthorized downloads. By comparison, last night's back-to-back new episodes averaged fewer than 5 million TV viewers.

Get the complete list here—and enjoy how it makes smash hits out of Prison Break and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Compare it to the 2008 rundown—and debate why Smallville no longer rides high on the high seas. And remember, pirate stats ain't going to win Heroes a fifth season.  


Sure, Heroes has lost it's mojo, but we're still digging Lost. Get the latest scoop on the final season here.

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