Brooke Mueller a "Drama Queen," Says Charlie Sheen's Uncle

    Charlie Sheen, Brooke Mueller, Joe Estevez Frank Micelotta/Getty Images for FOX; Amy Graves/Getty Images

    Brooke Mueller's mom isn't the only family member talking about her daughter's Christmas Day drama with Charlie Sheen.

    The Two and a Half Men star's uncle, Joe Estevez, is also adding his two cents about the couple and their future.

    "It's a sad situation on everybody's part," he tells E! News exclusively. "Everybody wishes it didn't happen. Hopefully everyone can move on positively."

    As positive as Estevez may want to be, he also declared Mueller, whom he's never met, a "drama queen."

    "There's just as much chance of her being a drama queen as of what she's saying being true. Maybe he was angry—maybe that's true and maybe it was an embellishment. Let's give the couple the benefit of the doubt. I think it's much ado about nothing," he says. "If they were any other couple in the world, it would be gone and forgotten. Because it was Charlie and Brooke, they're taking it to the max."

    Still, Estevez, an actor-producer who is developing a reality show called About the Sheen, stands firmly behind his nephew.

    "He's not crying to anyone; he's sucking it up," says Estevez. "I understand he's back at work today. First day back...doing his job, not complaining, not crying to the press. He's just being a man about it."

    Even though he's family, Estevez admits his nephew is not without his faults.

    "I think we all have a temper problem if we're pushed to the limit. Is it worse than me or his father or his brother? Certainly not, but he's singled out. Whatever Charlie does is blown out of proportion," insists Estevez, who's the brother of Martin Sheen.

    Estevez admits he hasn't spoken to Charlie in two months, but when he did, he saw no obvious signs that his marriage was in any sort of trouble.

    "He's a good guy. Charlie is a good, sweet man, and I think sometimes you let energy in that you shouldn't. Sometimes you're a little too trusting. Charlie should be on his guard a little bit more."


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