Brooke Mueller

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Out of sight, out of mind?

Brooke Mueller has managed to keep a low profile in Aspen since her Christmas Day scuffle with hubby Charlie Sheen, and it looks like she isn't packing up anytime soon.

Mueller has been MIA since last spotted out at Caribou Club over a week ago, but she's not holed up in Colorado. In fact, her mother, Moira Fiore, tells E! News that Brooke had a private New Year's Eve celebration alongside her family. 

Over the past few days, many people have been coming and going at her Aspen rental home, but two little guys have been mainstays—Mueller and Sheen's 10-month-old twin tykes, Max and Bob

Mueller's 13-year-old half-sister, Sydney, tells E! News that Brooke is doing "fine" and her sons are "adorable."

More importantly, the two are being well taken care of.

"The two boys are always being held and played with at home," says another source. "The television is constantly playing cartoons for the boys."

And so it goes for the foreseeable future, with People reporting that Brooke is planning on staying in Aspen for another month with her family and the babies.

The first court date between Mueller and Sheen's lawyers was scheduled for Monday but has been postponed to Jan. 11.


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