John Mayer, Tila Tequila

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Warning! Round 7 of our Ho Ho Ho Awards may make you feel a burning sensation...down there.

These two regulars on the dating scene always find somebody new to hook up with, 'tho we'll never understand why. Both slew-bags treat pretty much everyone around them like crap:

Date Perplexed Ho: Tila Tequila vs. John Mayer

Tila Tequila Li'l Miss MySpace babe came out as a lesbian—there goes every fella's shot at love with her. But we were moreso confused when she disgustingly took Rihanna down a notch by blogging that she's Team Chris Brown (among other nasty stuff). This is after she supposedly got roughed up by ex-BF football player Shawne Merriman; she even leaked the pics of her bruises to the press herself. Way to be a ho to your own kind, Tila. Let's hope she tames the ef down if she really is pregnant.

John Mayer: Stayed with Jennifer Aniston long enough to get to go to the Oscars—then dumped her, twice. Everything this schmuck does to women—bitching to the press and writing obvious songs and blog posts about his exes, especially—just reeks of classlessness. For somebody so obsessed with ladies, he sure never has learned how to treat them.

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