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To stand out in the ever-expanding TV universe, it's good to be: (a) found in a tub of your own blood; (b) slapped by a Kardashian; (c) named Taylor; or (d) all of the above.

The answers—and more questions about The Sing-Off, The Big Bang Theory and soap-stud James Franco—in the latest ratings quiz:

1. How many people witnessed Dexter's season-finale shocker? A Showtime series-record 2.6 million. Now those are "live" TV viewers, mind you. There's no telling how many successfully found the online answer to their Google search: "watch dexter season 4 episode 12."

2. Why are congratulations in order for the Kardashians? First off, Kourtney Kardashian welcomed her and (Khloé-slapped) Scott Disick's baby on Monday. And not quite secondly, the clan's Keeping Up With the Kardashians blew up Sunday with 4.1 million viewers. The slap-happy season opener (see: Disick reference) hit E! all-time highs among Kardashian-aspiring young adults and women. (E! Online is a division of E! Networks.)

3. Taylor Lautner or Taylor Swift? Both scored big numbers as Saturday Night Live host, but scoreboard honors go to Lautner, whose weekend appearance pulled in the show's best overnight ratings of the season.

4. Glee or The Sing-Off? There are no losers among the tuneful and peppy. Overall, the Glee fall finale (8.1 million) drew a bigger crowd than last night's Sing-Off opener (estimated 6.9 million). Sing-Off gets extra credit for being an upgrade for NBC over its usual 8-10 p.m. Monday occupants, Heroes and Trauma.

5. The Big Bang Theory or The Biggest LoserTo keep the theme going, both. The CBS comedy hit a new season high last night (estimated 15.6 million); the NBC competition series scored its largest audience in four years for last week's Danny Cahill-crowning finale (13.5 million).  

6. Can James Franco save daytime soaps? He ain't hurting General Hospital. The ABC daytime drama posted gains (modest ones, but still…) among women viewers in the movie star's first week on the air late last month.

7. Why should V be doing a victory dance? Because, even in its hiatus, it's a winner with word that Nielsen will soon be tracking online viewing right along with TV viewing. Last month, the sci-fi series was second among broadcast network shows in total streams, with 15.3 million, behind Grey's Anatomy, per ABC stats.  

8. Why is Carrie Underwood just asking for a lump of coal in her stocking? In head-to-head competition, the singer's Fox holiday special edged an ABC offering of Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town, 8.5 million viewers to 7.6 million.

9. Whatever happened to The Closer? It took three-and-a-half-months off—and returned as cable's top series (6.2 million). The TNT show did a solid for new Monday companion, Men of a Certain Age (premiere-night 5.4 million).

10. How many of the week's No. 1 shows can you name? Give yourself credit if you correctly identified any of the following: NBC's Sunday Night Football (top anything and everything); CSI (top drama); Two and a Half Men (top comedy); The Biggest Loser (top, Survivor-besting non-scripted show); Disney's Prep and Landing (top holiday special); and, with its surprisingly strong performance, Tuesday's Jay Leno Show (most grateful for Biggest Loser finale).

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