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There may be a Hangover sequel in the works, but Heather Graham wouldn't mind headlining a bachelorette version of the box office smash.

"Oh my gosh, that'd be really cool," Graham, who played oversexed Jade in the flick, tells us while promoting The Hangover DVD in—where else?—Las Vegas. "Seriously, I wish. We need to get someone to write that script."

Graham can take a page out of her own bachelorette party experiences for some cinematic inspiration...

"One of my friends had a bachelorette party at an S&M dinner club in New York," Graham said. "It was so bizarre. They made you eat dinner there, and you can discipline someone or be disciplined by someone."

Now back to the sequel. Believe it or not, Graham hasn't signed on yet. Director Todd Phillips wants her back and she'd like to return as well. "Knock on wood," she said, "but I haven't read the script yet."

What does she see Jade doing in part two?

"I think Stu should get her pregnant, and that she should do a pregnant strip dance," Graham said with a laugh. "I know it sounds so wrong, but it sounds so right."


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